Monday, 25 February 2013

Machine Robo Collection - MIB - £1000

This is a stunning collection of Machine Robo, made by Bandai in the 1980's. There are 40 robots in total (MR-06, MR-11, MR-12, MR-30, MR-43, MR-44, MR-45 and MR-46 are included but not pictured). All are MIB and come complete with boxes, polystyrene inserts, overlays, accessories (where appropriate), unused sticker sheets, instructions and catalogues. Some of the boxes have wear but all toys and contents are in deadstock condition. Finding a collection of this size and quality is practically unheard of. Some consider Machine Robo an inferior alternative to Transformers but for me they have an unpretentiousness that puts them amongst the most refined of transforming robot.

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