Friday, 7 February 2014

Tomy TXR-002 Type F - MIB - £500

This is a very rare TXR-002 Type F Robot, made by Tomy in 1993. It's in mint deadstock condition and comes with the original remote control and six of the five known attachments; Manipulator Arm, Torch Arm, Pellet Gun, Gatling Gun and Beam Battler. The Type F features both rare assault weapon arms as standard, a gun-metal colour scheme and a variety of special features that differentiate it from the standard TXR-002. This is an extremely cool toy, with a design aesthetic reminiscent of Robocop, Terminator and various other cyberpunk media of the 1980's. It is challenging to build (and maintain!) and has deservedly acquired a cult following amongst hobbyists.

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