Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Nintendo Sharp Color TV-Game XG106 - £200

This is a Color TV-Game XG-106 made by Nintendo / Sharp and released in Japan in 1977. It's in good condition and comes complete with original box, RF switch, battery cover, instruction manual, warranty and supplementary documentation. This console marks the beginning of Nintendo's long standing relationship with Sharp and was released in Japan in very limited quantities. One of Nintendo's rarest early consoles and a small piece of gaming history.

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Monday, 27 April 2015

Mark Spy Robot Collection - MIB - £300

This is the complete set of Super Mechanic Spy Robots made by Mark in the 1980's. This was a direct riff on Takara's Micro Change line but aimed at less generous parental wallets. Unlike most toys by Mark these are surprisingly high quality: featuring die-cast parts, quality engineering, accessories and transformations. They were licensed by Grandstand and released in the West as part of the Converters range. All toys are MIB and have never been removed from the packaging. There is a second Zoom Robo in black that is included but not pictured. Difficult to amass a complete set in this condition - the double giftset is particularly rare.

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Takara Watch Girl - MIB - £350

Uneasy with the unending cycle of violence, megalomania and deception endorsed by boys toys from the 1980's; girls inhabited a more peaceable realm full of fluffy pink horses, teapots and other benign phantasmagoria - a world some would claim is even more chilling. Enter Takara's Watch Girl a spin-off from the Watch-Q line and available in three shades of pink. In some ways superior to the Watch Boy - it featured a stand and an improved strap: less prone to breaking. Few were made, fewer sold and fewer still survive.

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Tomy Green NTT Shaberoku - MIB - Display Only

Throughout the 1980's Tomy made innumerable corporate promotional robots, from Coke and Pepsi through to Donut Boys, it seemed every company wanted a cheap robotic ambassador. Like a slightly more technical form of the corporate pen. And many featured not merely the addition of a bland logo: but new accessories, body parts and paint jobs. This rare example was commissioned by the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company (NTT) and is a Shaberoku (Mr. D.J.) recoloured in bold Green.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Machine Robo MR-B747 Jumbo Jet - Display Only

In 1984 (an annus mirabilis for transforming robots) Bandai began a special promotion with Japan Airlines: offering a limited edition Machine Robo in return for loyalty points. This unlikely alliance produced what is now the rarest of the 600 series and one of its most striking pieces. Rarely seen boxed and often missing an engine or two the MR-B747 is the cherry on the top of most Machine Robo collections.

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Bandai God Jesus - MIB - £200

In the pantheon of toy robots there is none more holy and none more ludicrous than God Jesus. The well worn phrase 'only in Japan' seems unavoidable. He is the anointed borg who will answer your prayers with a solemn nod or shake of the head. Brandishing his crucifix aloft he dispenses binary wisdom - for in him two of the trinity have merged. Only the Holy Ghost remains separate. Bandai - will we ever see a Ghost God Jesus? Thus completing a process Catholics the world over have anticipated for centuries.

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